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Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII PSP iso PSP Game Name:
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII;

Square Enix;
Square Enix;
1.46 gb;
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FFVII_iso.rar | 1.46 gb;

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, PSP :

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Set 7 years before the first Final Fantasy VII events, the Shinra Company is quikly increasing its impact by means of its monopoly on military might and mako energy. With the flourishing city of Midgar being its base and symbol of well-being, Shinra is on the edge of establishing absolute domination over the universe.

SOLDIER is a grouping of skilled combat agents within Shinra. 1st Class SOLDIER that is the grouping’s elite, is extremely strong and esteemed by the citizens. 2nd Class SOLDIER Zack is a young man who wishes to become a 1st class. Every day he carryies out tasks under his 1st Class head guidance, Angeal. In the middle of an operation in Wutai, a big number of SOLDIER parties, led by operative of 1st Class Genesis, go missing. The hardness of the situation incites Shinra executives to develope even more SOLDIER parties in hopes of bringing the war with Wutai to an end —and investigating the mass desertion. Angeal, Zack and the 1st Class hero wildly known as Sephiroth are the ones appointed to the mission. What really happened to Genesis's group? What secrets tie the three SOLDIER 1st Class? A fateful and cruel struggle awaits for Zack…

In Final Fantasy VII, gamers can experience the system of D.M.W (Digital Mind Wave), that strengthen the real-time fight system, allowing gamers to unleash specific attacks or call upon different Final Fantasy summons. Gamers can also witness CG cutscenes and graphics embedded with voice audible in a presentation of 16:9 widescreen, made feasible by the PSP system hardware.

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