Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS

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Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS rom 3DS rom Game Name:
Fire Emblem Awakening;

Intelligent Systems;
Turn-Based Strategy;
Yes(NTSC) Yes(PAL);
NTSC Packed:
| 1.22 gb;
PAL Packed:
| 1.22 gb;

Fire Emblem Awakening, 3DS :

3DS Fire Emblem Awakening trailer

In the visually stunning universe of the game Fire Emblem Awakening, you rule and fight side by side an army of courageous heroes struggling against an enemy possessing the power to eliminate empires; a dark dragon with agents that include armies of the undead. Scheme your attack, customize your troops, and lead your heroes as you head alliances that fortify your resolve in fight and shape the path of history. Conduct a team of distinct personages with unique skills, evolving relationships and rich back stories, which guide the path of your journey. Scheme your attack carefully because the lives of your troops and the future of the earth depends on it.


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